Some of my ancient history 1978~1981

Exhibition at the Craft Potters Gallery, London, UK, 1981
Creamer, Teapot, and Fish furniture 

Photo: David Cripps

Tiger Barbs Top Dwellers
Small Cichlids Bottom Dwellers
Crayfish Dwelling mainly in the double walled checkered nerikomi zogan form
"Elephant" fish aquarium is not displayed
"My work at the CPA 1981 exhibition displayed 4 large tanks,
ceramic forms, brooches (hanging), and my fish as an installation".
Made from 1978 to 1981


DOROTHY X NIKKO - Dorothy's nerikomi expression in bone china - online catalogue

Dorothy's nerikomi expression in bone china produced in Japan by Nikko Ceramic Company
Catalogue online today.
Three new lines by Dorothy. 

The catalogue is also coming soon in English.  
There are three new ranges.

"I made the pastry (in the photo with the tea) on my new bone china tableware. I have made it since about age 10. Many people who taste it think it is from their country. I used to take it to Lucie Rie when I would visit her. It makes everyone happy. Here, I have put my general version, that I sent to a friend, one of the times I was a guest artist at Togei no Mori, in Shigaraki. When I was at university, I would put it in the freezer and secretly bake it in the test kiln (do not do this it is bad workshop practice) when the teachers were in meetings. They would come back and comment that the department smelled wonderful. But,it would all be gone by the time they finished their meetings. I came back after Christmas break one year and Caroline (a graduate student) had eaten it all and the freezer was empty. She couldn't stop eating it over the vacation. It even made my very dry humoured teacher Franz Wildenhain smile. He left a meeting for it - he had a good nose.  Making it is similar to making my ceramic work. It is structural. I do serve my edible work  on my work often.  I always make it when I give workshops. Since then, I must admit, that as an Inax Design Prize winner, in 1993, in Japan, I did bake a noteworthy chocolate cake (a recipe from Lucie Rie's family that she gave me) in a ceramic dry box in our workshop (not in the company). It took 4 hours but it worked perfectly. (I am not recommending dry boxes or kilns for preparing food in . But,I have a horrible suspicion, all potters do this at some time in their lives with the full knowledge it is idiotic. At the time it seems convenient, But, we all know it is really a bad idea). I have worked in companies (in the 20th century - I did not say 21st century) where at 2a.m. I have smelled steak and followed the smell and there it was, on the kiln shelf at the end of the tunnel kiln, a thick sizzling sirloin steak and onions and baked potato in foil, on aluminum foil, next to a cooling down product."

The recipe is below:

"The pastry only recipe can be frozen in the pastry stage before you make it into anything. It is good as a blind cooked pie crust for fresh strawberry pie. After the making, but not cooking stage, you can freeze it and quickly take it out of the freezer to cook for guests anytime. After cooking, if you freeze it, it thaws quickly. Put on the powdered sugar after thawing or when it cools after baking. It keeps well in the freezer at all the above stages." The creamcheese butter pastry is also good for savory things like spinach and ricotta filling, as long as the filling is not wet."(added April 2020) "Regarding the CLOVER tableware I designed for NIKKO; it has many 4 Leaf Clovers in the pattern. I find many 4 leaf clovers when I walk. I notice patterns that jump out because they break the usual general background pattern. I put 4 leaf clovers on my hand made name cards I laminate into Japanese paper. I usually find clovers anywhere I go. Anywhere in the world. I pick about 20~ or more 4 leaf clovers in a 10 minute walk".(added April 2020)