Workshop at Sakazuki Museum

Dorothy Feibleman will give a Hands-On Nerikomi Workshop at Sakazuki Museum.

Date: September 29 & 30
At: Ichinokura Sakazuki Art Museum
6-30-1 Ichinokura-cho, Tajimi, Gifu 507-0814, Japan
tel: +1 572-24-5911
fax: +1 572-24-6766
Fee&Details: Please ask Sakazuki Museum

Dorothy will teach how to make porcelain nerikomi which is relevant to the students who attend. We plan to make sake cups but participants can make what they want if it is not too big, because there is drying limit in 2 days. The class will be small and there will be helpers with the English translation. Participants can add any other thing they think sounds like a nice weekend and new skill/development experience.


New Work

Dorothy's newest work will be exhibited at a Joy of Sake in Honolulu on August 23rd.

Joy of Sake Info