Exhibition: Dorothy Feibleman's Nerikomi Translucent Studio Porcelain & Keisuke Asai's Urushi

展: 磁器練込陶芸 ドロシー・ファイブルマン & 漆 浅井啓介

2015年2月6日(金)〜2月15日(月)  AM 9:00~PM5:30 

February 6th~15th 2015
Exhibition at Cera in Tokoname
Dorothy Feibleman's Translucent Nerikomi Porcelain Expression and Keisuke Asai's Japanese Urushi Lacquer


Dorothy's "Magic Tool System"© and new tools at NCECA 2015

You can meet Dorothy and see Dorothy  in action. Amaco/Brent and Dorothy will be at NCECA at Amaco/Brent at the 49th NCECA 2015.
Dorothy has devised new tools and a ground breaking way for students to think in 3D and become easily acquainted with the ceramic tools produced by Amaco/Brent for schools, all used together in a new way with colored clay. Amaco/Brent sells all the tools, clays and glazes that can be used by schools and enthusiasts for thinking in 3D using "NERIKOMI" or imaged colored clays using tools. Amaco/Brent's new extruder model and Dorothy's new parts for the new extruder are unlike using other extruders. It is like having a wonderful, efficient assistant. ["Dorothy's deshi"©  says it all (in Japanese anyway). " It is a joy to use". D.F.] Her new tools used in this - patent granted and new pending 2020.