Workshop at Sakazuki Museum 2

This is the latest information of Dorothy Feibleman's Hands-On workshop at Sakazuki Museum in Tajimi, Japan.

Date: There are three opportunities to take part in workshop
Dec 1 (sat) and 2 (sun) 10am - 5pm

Participants: max 12, min 8

Workshop fee: 50,000 yen/two days workshop
include materials and firing,
exclude transportation and accommodation

More details: Kobei Gama Sakuto Kan
web: http://www.sakuto-kan.com/
Address: 4-30-2 Ichinokura-cho, Tajimi-city, Gifu 507-0814

Program Schedule

Slide Lecture
Make Nerikomi patterns by porcelain and build vessel form
Drying process over night

Sanding, make vessel thinner
Loading kiln
Complete workshop

After firing, you can receive pots by shipping (needs shipping cost) or picking up.


Workshop at Sakazuki Museum

Dorothy Feibleman will give a Hands-On Nerikomi Workshop at Sakazuki Museum.

Date: September 29 & 30
At: Ichinokura Sakazuki Art Museum
6-30-1 Ichinokura-cho, Tajimi, Gifu 507-0814, Japan
tel: +1 572-24-5911
fax: +1 572-24-6766
Fee&Details: Please ask Sakazuki Museum

Dorothy will teach how to make porcelain nerikomi which is relevant to the students who attend. We plan to make sake cups but participants can make what they want if it is not too big, because there is drying limit in 2 days. The class will be small and there will be helpers with the English translation. Participants can add any other thing they think sounds like a nice weekend and new skill/development experience.


New Work

Dorothy's newest work will be exhibited at a Joy of Sake in Honolulu on August 23rd.

Joy of Sake Info


Invitation Card has arrived

Dorothy's exhibition at Sakazuki Museum will be opened an May 11th.
The invitation card has arrived.


Exhibition at Sakazuki Museum

Dorothy Feibleman is going to have her solo exhibition at Ichinokura Sakazuki Museum (Tajimi, Gifu, Japan) from May 11th to June 24th. Dorothy is very exited to exhibit her newest works and also meet people there.

This show incudes not only Sake Cups but also Tea Bowls, Petals and many kinds of works. She will give Slide Lectures during exhibition.

Check out latest info at Sakazuki Museum Website here:

Ichinokura Sakazuki Art Museum
6-30-1 Ichinokura-cho, Tajimi, Gifu 507-0814, Japan
tel +1 572-24-5911
fax +1 572-24-6766

Dorothy will give a lecture on May 20th. It can take 70 guests and reservation will be needed. Please contact to Ichinokura Sakazuki Museum about details.


Ceramic Review May/June

Ceramic REview magazine (UK) has Dorothy's work on the cover on May/June Issue.
Check out more details here:


Tsukuru Tojiro Nov 2006

Tsukuru Tojiro Ceramic Magazine (Japan) had an article of Dorothy and her work.

You can order this issue from their website (written only Japanese).



Tsukuru Tojiro 2003

Tsukuru Tojiro (Ceramic magazine in Japan) had Dorothy's artcile in 2003. It was issue No. 23.


Students' works from Honolulu

People who took Dorothy's workshop at Honolulu Academy of Arts sent us images of their successful works.

Students' works
An article of Dorothy's workshop:


Dorothy's Latest Works

Dorothy Feibleman has been making Tea Bowls.
These are her latest Nerikomi Works and look wonderful.


The 4th World Ceramic Biennale 2007 Korea

There is an Exhibition of the 4th World Ceramic Biennale 2007 Korea, and selected works will be exhibited from April 28 to June 24 at the Icheon World Ceramic Center (Ceramics as Expression) and at Yeoju World Ceramic Living ware Gallery (Ceramics for Use).

1,436 artists from 66 countries participated, and 188 works were selected as the first judging, 26 works received winning prizes.

Dorothy Feibleman's work, "Petals and Shadows" has got a Juror's Choice Prize.

Please see more details to the below:


Dorothy's Exhibition in Tajimi

There will be Dorothy Feibleman's solo exhibition at Ichinokura Sakazuki Museum in Tajimi.

"An Exhibition of Ceramics by Dorothy Feibleman"

Date: From May 11(Fri) to June 24 (Sun), 2007
Where: The Ichinokura Sakazuki Museum
Address: 6-30-1, Ichinokura-cho, Tajimi-shi, Gifu-ken
Phone: 0572-24-5911
Fax: 0572-24-6766
Web: http://www.sakazuki.or.jp/menu.html

Dorothy's workshop is planned. Details will be announced soon.