Dorothy Feibleman's Translucent Porcelain Nerikomi Class in Japan June 30th - July 1st 2012

Dorothy Feibleman will be giving a two day workshop at Kyoueigama Studios in Tokoname from June 30th to July 1st. 2012. 

Dorothy will teach the basics of  translucent porcelain nerikomi, as well as other ways to use translucent colored porcelain and slip. There will be demonstrations and slides as well as hands-on personal instruction with  each participant. It will be a small class.In addition, after the end of the first day of the two day course, Dorothy will welcome participants to a barbecue on June 30.

Kyoueigama Workshops
2-88 Kita-jo
Aichi 479-0833
Both days are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
articipation fee:  60,000 yen
(Price includes all materials used, and some firing)

Accommodation is available at Route Inn across the street from the workshop is 5800yen including a Viking breakfast. We can reserve for you. The workshop and Route Inn are less than a minute walk from Tokoname Train station. Tokoname is on the Meitetsu line from Nagoya (about 40 minutes) or from the Nagoya Central Japan Airport (about 6 minutes).

If you wish to attend, please contact Dorothy at:
bestnerikomi@gmail.com - in English, or other European languages.

Or, in Japanese please contact:
E-Mail :