Nerikomi Class - Imaging by Extruder and the Wheel at Linekona, Honolulu - December 12,13,14 - 2014

Dorothy Feibleman will introduce
new colored clay techniques 
she developed using the extruder, 
the wheel and the slab roller. 
Students will have the first ever opportunity to make images by extruder, combined with the wheel. 
The class will mainly be a wheel based class with imaging made with her new extruder system for colored clay. 
Large equipment is provided. Please bring your favorite hand tools and rolling out cotton fabric.
Look on youtube at: 

The Dates are: December 12th through the 14th
Time: 9a.m. to 4p.m but you can keep working in the evening.
Class cost: $295 including 2 colors of stoneware clay. 
Students will have access to translucent porcelain if they prefer to work by hand only but there will be an additional materials charge. Tell us 5 weeks prior to the course if you want to use porcelain.
Each student will receive a set amount of stoneware for the extruder/wheel course. If you want to make larger items, Linekona has stock at their regular rates. 


Honolulu Museum of Art School Office Registrar
Kelsey Hughes
(808) 532-8741
Honolulu Museum of Art School, 1111Victoria Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814  


HUS-10 News! Dorothy Feibleman will be giving her translucent porcelain workshop in Tokyo April 19th 2013


Dorothy Feibleman, who has been working with porcelain nerikomi since 1969, will be giving a workshop hosted by HUS-10 in Tokyo, April 19th, 2013. She will be lecturing and demonstrating and will discuss her firing methods and finishing methods as well as some of the ways she develops her translucent porcelain expression.

Information is on the web page of HUS-10 who are the Amaco Brent distributor in Japan.


Porcelain Nerikomi and Nerikomi Magic Tool System Class in Honolulu March 29,30,31,2013

Dorothy Feibleman will be teaching a workshop at the Honolulu Museum of Art School (Linekona) the last weekend in March 2013. Participants will have the opportunity to experience and use the NERIKOMI MAGIC TOOL SYSTEM using colored clay or elect to use colored porcelain for handbuilding techniques.

registration starts November 27th 2012 for March 2013